Welcome to Picayune Cellars!

In 2011, we fell in love with a beautiful wine, we wanted to drink it all summer long. Voila how we started!

We had overwhelming success, and of course a lot of fun so we decided to continue our quest for amazing wines. Our process: We sit down, taste, blend and once we know this is what we want to drink then we bottle and share with you. Our sources: a talented pool of winemaker friends in California. Our goals: - Create exciting wines we want to drink with our friends and have fun! 

Become a part of the Picayune gang and join our “Key Member” wine club to insure your access of our smallest lot and party with us all year long!


Claire & Jennifer

P.S. Wondering what Picayune means? "A little bit" in French. Also a Spanish coin...Also the name of a cool town in MS with many supporters!

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